Lucky Charms: They’re also delicious in MTG!


Lucky Charms: They’re also delicious in MTG!

Last year at Pro Tour Gatecrash, David Sharfman piloted a R/W/U deck called Lucky Charms. The deck was similar to many of the flash control decks that were being played at the time, but featured 10 of the charms from the Return to Ravnica block in the main deck. The deck differed from other R/W/U decks in that the deck featured an infinite combo with the charms and Boros Reckoner. If anyone is unaware, here is the combo. Using Azorius Charm, we give Boros Recokner lifelink. Then Boros Charm will make our Reckoner indestructible. Now any source of damage, like from Izzet Charm, will give us infinite life by using the Reckoner’s damage redirect ability targeting itself. Here’s what I want to start with:

4 Boros Reckoner
4 Azorius Charm
4 Boros Charm
2 Izzet Charm

One Charmed Archangel of Thune

So infinite life is sweet and probably just wins you the game, but I feel like if we’re going to go big we ought to go really, really big. Infinitely big. If only there were a card in standard that loves it when you gain life. Enter Archangel of Thune. When we add Archangel of Thune to our already infinite combo, we not only get all the life, but we also get all the +1 +1 counters. Take a second and drink that in. Who doesn’t like the sound of gaining a billion life and attacking for a billion damage in the same turn?  We’ll add 3x Archangel of Thune to top our curve.

So now we have our combo pieces, but we need to fill in the rest of the deck. Relying on the combo is going to be a fool hardy proposition. If it works, that’s great, but it is going to need some other paths to victory. We already have 10 instants in the deck, and I feel like that number will only grow – and that makes me want to bring in my favorite 2-drop in the format: Young Pyromancer. Young Peezy (that’s what they call him in the streets) seems perfect to be paired up with spells and Archangel. The last creature I want to consider for the team is Guttersnipe. Ravnica’s little angry goblin has largely been ignored in standard, but I feel he will provide solid value in this deck. I want to keep my spell count above 20 with multiple creatures who need instants and sorceries to have an effect on the game, so I’m going to go with 4 Young Pyromancer and 2 Guttersnipe.

I think I want to play 24 lands in this deck. It is absolutely possible that number is wrong, but I’m going to start there. We have 13 creatures and 10 spells so far. That leaves room for another 13 spells. I will start by saying that I love Magma Jet here. Scrying for combo pieces seems amazing, and clearing out early aggressive threats will probably be very important. A couple Cyclonic Rifts seem good here as well. These are well suited to deal with the more midrange creatures our deck may have trouble with. I doubt we will have the chance to overload it very often, but it should lead to a huge blowout if we do. I think that turn//burn is also a versatile card that could be useful in a number of situations. Finally, I want Divination to dig and a couple Negate to protect our threats. This will bring our final deck list to this:


4 Boros Reckoner

4 Young Pyromancer

3 Archangel of Thune

2 Guttersnipe


4 Temple of Enlightenment

4 Temple of Epiphany

4 Temple of Triumph

2 Mana Confluence

4 Steam Vents

3 Sacred Foundry

3 Hallowed Fountain


4 Azorius Charm

4 Boros Charm

2 Izzet Charm

4 Magma Jet

2 Cyclonic Rift

2 Turn//Burn

2 Divination

3 Negate


Rather than give a rundown of some test games, I thought I would point out some cool and important interactions with the deck.

  • Archangel of Thune + Boros Charm: If you’re attacking with the Archangel and any number of tokens or orther creatures, you can give your angel double strike with Boros Charm. When first strike damage happens, your angel and all other creatures will be pumped before the regular damage phase. If you’re looking to trade up against some grizzly bears or just force through some extra damage, this is a nice little combat trick.
  • Izzet Charm: The really important modes from this charm are the burn and the counterspell. Digging is best saved for if you’re in a hole and need to find a specific answer.
  • Archangel of Thune + Azorius Charm: Giving all of your creatures lifelink can create a ton of triggers for the Archangel. If you attack with 3 tokens with lifelink with Archangel on the board, they’ll come back as 4/4s after combat – and that’s only if the archangel isn’t attacking with them.
  • Boros Reckoner Combo: Remember that some source of damage is needed to set this combo in motion. The best bet is to attack and see if your opponent blocks. After blockers are assigned, then cast your charms. Otherwise it may have to wait until you have the mana to cast burn on your own Reckoner.

Finally, don’t forget your triggers. Between Archangel of Thune, Young Pyromancer, and Guttersnipe there are lots of triggers sure to happen with this deck. It only functions properly if triggers are remembered. I hope you’ve enjoyed going infinite with me. If you have any advice for the sideboard, please let me know in the comments. I’ll be back soon with another deck, hopefully chock full of some newly spoiled M15 cards!

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Chris was born and raised in Decatur and began playing Magic during Mirage block. He enjoys constructed magic and drafting online whenever he has time. Lightning Bolt and Baneslayer Angel are his favorite cards.

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