2014 EDH Summer Season: League Update

We’re three weeks into our Elder-Dragon Highlander League at Board Knight! So far, we’ve had several players show up to win packs and/or play for pool points. Even though J. Banks pushed out a 10 pointer last Wednesday, there is still an opportunity to join and win. The league prize pool will be paid out to the Top 10 Players!


$78 in Store Credit


1st: Jeremy Banks (14 pts)

2nd: Andy Rauff  (6 pts)

3rd: John Raney (5 pts)

4th: Eric Newland  (4 pts)

5th: Brian Newland (2 pts)

6th: Nathan Jameson (1 pt)

7th: Andy Stukins (1 pt)

8th: Andrew Watts (1 pt)

9th: Bruce Samuelson (1 pt)

10th: Andy Stukins (1 pt)

11th: Brenden Furgeson (1 pt)

12th: Khris Keefer (1 pt)

13th: Andrew Rutherford (1 pt)

14th: Jared Morris (0 pts)

15th: Kevin Callarman (0 pts)

Our Next EDH League Event: July 23rd

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