40K Summer Escalation League Begins!

Wow! What an AWESOME start to our very first Warhammer 40K Escalation League! We’ve got several new players, mixed with experienced players returning to the game with the new 7th Edition rules. Overall, the matches have been fairly balanced with only a couple shut-outs. There is one more week at 500 points, before it’s time to juice up our armies. Who’s going to top the charts next week? Below is the current standings & this week’s schedule.

Current Standings:

  1. Marcus Glowczak (8pts);  1-0
  2. Noah Tipton (7pts);  1-0
  3. William Hart (6pts); 1-0
  4. Josh Chestnut (6pts); 1-0
  5. Kevin Callarman (6pts); 1-0
  6. Clint Peznowski (5pts); 1-0
  7. Grits Gardner (5pts); 1-0
  8. Andrew Burchard (4pts); 0-1
  9. Paul Vinton (4pts); 0-1
  10. Bill Balvanz (4pts); 0-1
  11. Dan Ham (3pts); 0-1
  12. Kevin DeJaynes (2pts); 0-1
  13. Bob Jonquet (2pts); 0-1
  14. William Plain (1pt); 0-1

Week 2 Schedule

  • Kevin Callarman vs. Noah Tipton
  • Josh Chestnut vs Marcus Glowczak
  • Dan Ham vs. Grits Gardner
  • Clint Peznowski vs. Andrew Burchard
  • William Balvanz vs. William Hart
  • Paul Vinton vs. Bob Jonquet
  • Kevin DeJaynes vs. William Plain

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