40K EL Summer Season: Standings Update & 1,000 Point Schedule

Week 4 is complete and our next league bump is to 1,000 points. Josh is currently undefeated with his gauss-shoot’n Necrons, but has not received full style points. Though 3-1, Marcus has made sure his army is fully based, painted, and WYSIWYG nearly every week to receive almost the league maximum amount of points. Despite a few rule objections, we’ve had a great time together and we’re all excited to for the next two weeks of league! Great job, everyone!


    1. Marcus Glowczak (29pts ); 3-1
    2. Paul Vinton (26pts); 3-1
    3. Josh Chestnut (24pts); 4-0
    4. Andrew Burchard (24pts); 3-1
    5. William Balvanz (24pts); 2-2
    6. William Hart (22pts); 3-1
    7. Noah Tipton (20pts); 2-2
    8. Grits Gardner (18pts); 3-1
    9. Dan Ham (17pts); 1-3
    10. Clint Peznowski (15pts); 2-2
    11. Kevin Callarman (13pts); 1-3
    12. Bob Jonquet (10pts); 1-3
    13. William Plain (8pts); 1-3
    14. Kevin DeJaynes (4pts); 0-4


Josh Chestnut vs. William Hart
Marcus Glowczak vs. Grits Gardner
Paul Vinton vs. Andrew Burchard
Clint Peznowski vs. Noah Tipton
William Balvanz vs. Bob Jonquet
Dan Ham vs. William Plain
Kevin Callarman vs. Kevin DeJaynes

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