EDH Fall League: Rules & Standings

EDH Fall League has started! This season, we have introduced more rules from the Armada Point System. So far, so good!




1st: Jeremy Banks (9 pts)

2nd: Brian Newland (5 pts)

3rd: Jared Morris (5 pts)

4th: Dillon Sago  (5 pts)

5th: Andy Rauff (4 pts)

6th: Nicholas Bruce (3 pts)

7th: Kris Keefer (2 pts)

8th: Nate Jameson (2 pts)

9th: William Kingery (0 pts)

10th: Andrew Watts (0 pts)

11th: Alex Fandel (-8 pt)

Fall Season Rules:

  • I’m Too Young to Die! (-3 Points) (M)

Eliminate a player prior to their 5th turn.

  • What Did I Do, No Really? (-2 Points)

Defending your actions for doing something unnecessarily rude.

  • Not a Safe Place (-2 Points) (M)

Be the instigator of wrecking one or more player’s mana bases, in part or in full.

  • Why Are You Scooping, Bro? (-2 Points)

Unnecessary scooping is bad sportsmanlike conduct!

  • Just Here for the Color (-1 Points)

Finish the game without playing your Commander. 

  • Too Many Options(-1 Point)

Have in play Sol Ring or Mana Crypt on Turn 1.

  • Freddie’s Gonna Get You  (+1 Point)

Play the third spell whose CMC is the third consecutive number.

  • We Got Ourselves a Killer(+1 Point)

Destroy 2+ Planeswalkers during the game.

  • The Sherriff is Near(+1 Point)

Save an opponent’s creature from dying before it takes damage.

  • I Brought Extras(+1 Point)

Control 10+ creature tokens at one time.

  • Your Time has Come (+1 Point)

Eliminate a player or be directly responsible for a player’s elimination.

  • I’ve Seen this Movie(+1 Point)

Be the first person eliminated from the game.

  • Let’s Be Friends!(+1 Point)

Save an opponent from losing to another opponent.

  • Mark of the Beast(+2 Points)

Control exactly 6 lands, 6 creatures, and 6 non-land, non-creature permanents.

  • You Win the Game!(+2 Point)

Finish the game without being eliminated.

  • Follow the Script(+1 Point)

End the game or be eliminated having searched your library for no card besides a basic land. 

  • Next in Line  (+1 Point)

Have the lowest life total, which must be lower than 10, when another player is eliminated without the game ending.

  • Die Already!(+3 Point)

Survive being attacked for lethal damage 2x times.

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