WarmaHordes: Fall Season Rules

Our first Warmachine & Hordes league starts on Sunday, Oct. 26th. The goal of this league to have fun and get people playing WarmaHordes! We’re excited to support this game at BK and hope for a successful league turnout.

Match Scheduling

Each player will be assigned 1 opponent per week. The week will run Sunday to Sunday. Pairings will be announced Sunday evenings and all scoring must be reported by midnight of the following Sunday. It is the responsibility of the paired players to schedule their match during the appropriate time frame. All league matches MUST be played at Board Knight. In case a match cannot be scheduled, the player with the highest availability will be awarded the win. At the end of the “season” if two players are tied for points, a tie breaker match will be scheduled.

Modeling and Painting

All models must be official Privateer Press models accompanied by the appropriate stat card. Any “conversion” models must be clear as to what they are and what they represent. Painting is not required, but encouraged. All models MUST be on appropriate size bases. All models must be fully assembled.

Army Size

Army point value is to be determined by mutual consent and availability. If 1 player only has a battle box, then obviously the match for the week is a battle box sized match. If both players have higher point values and want to play a bigger game, that is acceptable. League scoring will NOT be affected by army size.

Fees & Prizes

This league will cost $20 to enter. Prizes will be awarded to each player, based on rank, in store credit.

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