BK’s Fall Rare Draft

We’re excited to host our first Rare Draft! To increase everybody’s chance of winning, we’re limiting this tournament to only 32 players! (We could add more, but who wants to uncomfortably sit next to someone else?)

When, Where, Why:
Sunday, November 30th @ Noon. We want to try to limit this event to our local player base, because you (DecaturMTG) support us every week! We will start promptly – be here early and ready to draft! We’ll be open at 10am to prepare. 

Entry Fee: $40 
* This pays for the all the draft packs, credit card fees, taxes, and the prize support! You will also help Krystle smile. 

Prize Support: Over $950 in Tournament Prizes, $200 in BK Super Packs, plus Booster Packs, Door Prizes, Promos, and of course – a deck full of mostly bulk rares!

Let’s breakdown Top 8 Prizes:
1st: Volcanic Island & Jace, the Mind Sculptor (~$330)
2nd: Foil Misty Rainforest + Liliana of the Veil (~$200)
3rd: Foil Abrupt Decay + Taiga (~$145)
4th: Foil Thoughtseize + Arid Mesa (~$100)
5th: 1x Khans of Tarkir Fat Pack + Event Deck (~$60)
6th: 6x Khans of Tarkir Booster Packs + Event Deck (~$45)
7th: 4x Khans of Tarkir Booster Packs + Event Deck (~$35)
8th: 1x Magic 2015 Clash Pack (~$30)

– You will be expected to complete a decklist. We will give extra time to complete this list. We hope this will reduce potential cheating.
– Our prize support is based on a full, 32 player tournament. We reserve the right to reduce payout based on turnout.
– Please have your DCI number available.


Message us to hold a spot, but we reserve the right to sell your seat to somebody else willing to pay. Our goal is to seat a full 32-player event. 

1). Larry Benton (Paid)
2). Alex Fandel (Paid)
3). Ian Hoerr (Paid)
4). David Grom (Paid)
5). Erick Heft (Paid)
6). Dustin Kramer
7). Brandon Creamer
8). Jeremy Banks 
9). Bryson Tyler (Paid)
10). Nathan Jameson (Paid)
11). John Sanders (Paid)
12). Andy Stukins (Paid)
13). Brea Morris (Paid)
14). Jared Morris (Paid)
15). Chad Lawson
16). Travis Alan Peifer
17). Tina Jenkins
18). Scott Lawson
19). Saxxon Lawson
20). Andrew Watts 
21). Ethan Vanderboegh (Paid)

Please let us know if you have any questions! We will update the player list as people register.

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