EDH Fall League: Week 11 Update

Fall league ends on Wednesday, December 17th and it’s going to be nail-biter! 4 players are practically tied for second place! With the league pool at $225, we’ve got tons of credit to give out to most of our league participants!




1st: Jeremy Banks (43 pts)

2nd: Kris Keefer (28 pts)

3rd: Jared Morris (28 pts)

4th: Dillon Sago (28 pts)

5th: Andy Rauff (26 pts)

6th: Dylan Price (15 pts)

7h: Brian Newland (13 pts)

8th: Andrew Watts (13 pts)

9th: Alex Fandel (6 pts)

10th: Nathan Jameson (5 pts)

11th: Nicholas Bruce (3 pts)

12th: Dan Reynolds (2 pts)

13th: Tristan Dorrell (2 pts)

14th: Saxxon Lawson (2 pts0

15th: John Raney (1 pt)

16th: Andrew Rutherford (1 pts)

17th: William Kingery (0 pts)

18th: Bret Miller (0 pts)

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