The Golden Knight: Winter Contest

We are excited to host our first painting competition at Board Knight, called the Golden Knight! Yes, we’re going to rip off the Golden Demon a wee bit but we’ll be adding our own special BK-sauce to this event!  Our goal is to host a variety of categories for you to compete in. Enter as many units in as many categories as you like, as long as you pay the entry fee for each model! Winners in each category will receive a cool trophy and store credit, based on participation in their given category. The participant who brings the very best model will receive a larger trophy, bragging rights, and even more store credit!

Our rules are still being tweaked, but we’d like to announce this exciting event so everyone can get started!

The Golden Knight: Winter Contest



  • Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature
    • Any single human-sized Warhammer 40,000 miniature mounted on an appropriately sized gaming base. This included Terminators, but other models with 40mm bases or larger are not allowed. 
  • Warhammer 40,000 Squad
    • This category is for Warhammer 40,000 squads or squadrons of five or more models. Must be “legal” in game terms.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniature
    • This is open to any single fantasy miniature (Warhammer, Mordheim and Blood Bowl). This includes single models on horses, boars or wolves, but not those mounted on large monsters.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Regiment
    • This is for Warhammer regiments, Mordheim warbands, Warmaster brigades and Blood Bowl teams. The entry must consist of a minimum of five models mounted on their standard gaming bases. Regiments must be “legal” units in game terms. 

Warmachine & Hordes

  • Warjack/Warbeast
    • A single light or heavy warjack or warbeast.
  • Warrior Model
    • A single trooper, solo, warlock, or warcaster.
  • Battlegroup
    • A warcaster/journeyman and 2–5 warjacks or a warlock/lesser warlock and 2–5 warbeasts. Solos attached to the warcaster/warlock are permitted.

Conversions and scratch-building is allowed but must fall within the scope and atmosphere of Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, and WarmaHordes.

Entry Fee & Prize Support

Entry Fee will be $10 per model, or squad/regiment. Unlimited entries. Prize support will be determined based on the amount of entries in a given category. Trophies & store credit will be awarded to each category winner (s).

When? Where? How?

The Golden Knight competition will be held on Saturday, January 31st at Noon. Models will be on display at the store from 12-8pm, giving judges ample time to evaluate each model based on a series of tests. If more time is needed, due to the volume of entries, then judging may continue on Sunday, February 1st until completion.

Rules are subject to change, but at this point – we recommend that you begin painting!

Basic Considerations:

Basic work is the first thing the judges will check. Your model(s) should have no visible seams, glue marks, or imperfections created by sanding. Decals should not show any film around the edges. Weathering should not be overdone. Painting should be as smooth as possible, with no fingerprints, smudges, runs, cracks, etc. 

Coordinate the right color scheme for your model(s). Skin tone is important and so are the eyes!

Building models from scratch is super cool and will be looked upon favorably, but you should make sure everything is uniform and built to scale!

Overall presentation is also important. Bases and mounts should mesh with your model, not detract from it. 

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