Ultra Knight: Week 4 Standings

Our Ultra Knight league is off to a great start with over 20 players entered! This week, we introduced the “Market” and allowed players to purchase packs of lands, bulk rares, and creatures to add to their still very horrible, five color decks! Looking forward, we hope to add a mechanic to remove cards from a deck.




1st: Andy Rauff (21 pts)

2nd: Brandon Creamer (18 pts)

3rd: Grits Gardner (18 pts)

4th: Patrick Keane (18 pts)

5th: Michael Jordan (15 pts)

6th: John Raney (15 pts)

7h: Krystle Callarman (12 pts)

8th: Alex Fandel (12 pts)

9th: Crystal Pratt (12 pts)

10th: Skyler Pratt (12 pts)

11th: Andrew Watts (12 pts)

12th: Kevin Callarman (9 pts)

13th: Aaron Malone (9 pts)

14th: Jared Morris (9 pts)

15th: Evan Kershner (6 pts)

16th: Dan Ham (3 pts)

17th: Erik Inman (3 pts)

18th: Bob Jonquet (3 pts)

19th: Brea Morris (3 pts)

20th: C0dy Rueff (3 pts)

21th: David Grom (0 pts)

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