Elder Dragon Highlander League

Playing in an EDH League at Board Knight…

should be fun! Each Wednesday night (during season), we will host league play at 6pm. In an effort to make competitive Commander more fair and more fun for everyone, we’ve adopted the Armada League Point System but have tweaked it to our liking! Below are more details regarding this weekly event! If you have any questions, please contact us at the store.

Entry Fee: $6

Prize Support:

  • Booster Packs will be awarded to the pod winner, based on group size. The winner will award one pack to an opponent of his/her choice.
  • League Pool: Part of the entry fee ($3) will be added to a league pool. The pool will be distributed out based on player & participation. Prizes will be awarded based on total league points, participation, and sportsmanship.

Helpful Links:
EDH Rules: http://mtgcommander.net/rules.php

Our Point System

  • Sire, I’m Too Young to Die! (-3pts) (M)

Eliminate a player prior to their 5th turn.

  • What Hath I Done Wrong? (-2pts) (M)

Do something unnecessarily rude (this may include, but is not limited to: prolonging a locked down game in order to farm league points, scooping to prevent others from gaining league points, or anything else deemed so by the tournament organizer)

  • Our Kingdom Is In Peril! (-2 pts) (M)

Wreck another player’s mana base by destroying all sources of one of their colors.

  • Why Art Thou Scooping, My Goodman? (-2pts)

Unnecessary scooping is bad sportsmanlike conduct!

  • The Chastity Belt (-1pt)

Have in play Sol Ring or Mana Crypt on Turn 1.

  • Just Here for the Wenches (+1pt)

Finish the game having cast your Commander.

  • The Third Spell’s the Charm    (+1pt)

Cast a spell whose CMC is +1 of the spell before it and +2 of the spell before that

  • We Got Ourselves a Killer (+1pt)

Destroy or Exile (from play) 2+ Planeswalkers during the game

  • We Got Ourselves a Summoner (+1pt)

Control 2 or more Planeswalkers during your turn.

  • The Sheriff of Rottingham is Near! (+1pt)

Save an opponent’s creature from dying to combat damage or a targeted spell or ability.

  • We’re Men! We’re Men in Tights (+1pt)

Control 10+ creatures at one time.

  • For Glory! (+1pt)

Eliminate 10+ creatures in one turn.

  • Perchance Your Time Hath Come (+1pt)

Be directly responsible for a player’s elimination.

  • Put Him In The Tower. Make Him Part of the Tour!  (+1pt)

Be the first person eliminated from the game.

  • Methinks We Are Allies! (+1pt)

Save an opponent from losing to another opponent.

  • Some Bad Wizard’s Dark Magic Stuff (+2pts)

Control exactly 6 lands, 6 creatures, and 6 non-land, non-creature permanents.

  • Follow the Scroll (+1pt)

End the game or be eliminated having searched your library for no card besides ANY land.

  • This Quest Sucks!  (+1pt)

Have the lowest life total, < 10, when another player is eliminated without the game ending.

  • Die Already, Nave ! (+3pts)

Survive being attacked for lethal damage 2x times.

  • Ye Have Won This Match! (+3pts)

Finish the game without being eliminated.

  • Present And Accounted For (+1pt)

You came, you saw! Free point.

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