WARHAMMER 40K: Crusader


“It was a very cold and snowy day of a Winter month in the Year 2015 & the Knights of the Board found themselves down-trodden, lowly, and just plain bored! It was that day, a day to remember, that a mysterious ginger-fellow entered the local establishment of  Board Knight. With mighty enthusiasm, this fellow who called himself, Dan Hamlet, persuaded the lowly group to take up arms and to look to the horizons of Decatur for war – because it war was coming! Only a united group of Knights could prepare for the upcoming struggles – he said!  Dan Hamlet asked each Knight a single question: “Are you a Crusader or a Wanna-Be Crusader?!” To which, we’re pretty sure most Knights said they were Crusaders though we can’t say for sure because it gets so dang loud in that place!”

Join us, Knights of the Board, in this epic 10 week escalation league!

The goal of an escalation league is to gather new players, train up existing players, and have fun while building up tournament-level armies. Events will occur weekly, with an ascending point level, giving the players time to build, paint, and plan their core force. Games can be played at Board Knight on Mondays, Tuesdays with Dan Ham, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays – whenever tables are available. Sundays will be the official league day. 


League Begins Sunday March 1st and ends around May 10th

Every week, matches will be played at a given point level. You will be paired with another player and it will be your responsibility to contact your opponent. Eligible play days at the shop are Monday, Tuesday (with Dan Ham), Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. All results are due in by midnight on Sunday  in order to allow time to tabulate points and ranking.  Pairings for the next week will be posted as soon as all previous matches are reported.

The Standard Force Organization Chart will be used each week.

Week One: 1000 Points

Week Two: 1000 Points

Bonus Event: The Knight & the Kipper – 2000 Point Team Battle

Week Three: 1250 Points

Week Four: 1250 Points

Bonus Event: Super BK Attack Team: Team Battle

Week Five: 1500 Points

Week Six: 1500 Points

Bonus Event: Joust – RULES TBD

Week Seventh: 1750 Points

Week Eigth: 1750 Points

Bonus Event: Castle Panic – RULES TBD

Week Six: 2000 Points

Week Six: 2000 Points

Bonus Event: Team Apocalypse 


Wins and Losses every week add points to your total, as does building and painting goals – the point being to put together a force that is table ready. Your win/loss record will justify your next opponent. The below point system will determine prizes for playing in the league.

Win: 4 Points
Draw: 2 Points
Loss: 1 Point

  1. Only one match per week. 
  2. If your opponent is unable to play, you will automatically win your match. If this situation occurs, it will be your responsibility to inform the tournament organizer, or official at Board Knight. An official will still need to check your army for style points based on painting standards, etc. If both players are unable to meet, then the match will be scored as a draw. If you were not able to play, you may still receive style points. 
  3. This will be a Swiss Tournament Format and pairings will be generated based on each player’s records, each week. 

Fielding a completely painted force will earn you 1 point, and if the bases are also finished and unified an additional point on top of the painted point will be earned. Fielding a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) list will earn one additional point. These “style” points can only be counted once per week.

Completely Painted: 1 Point
Unified Bases: 1 Point
WYSIWYG: 1 Point


Every couple weeks, Board Knight will host a special event on Sundays. These events will be fun & will give each player who attends 2 additional league points and 1 additional league point for winning. Style points will not be scored during these events.


There is no outward requirement to paint the models used. Some structured tournaments may require as such, and the Grand Tournaments certainly do, but for many smaller local shops painting is a bonus more than a given. That being said, fielding a painted army is one of the true joys of the hobby. This league is meant to encourage players to reach that stage, where they have a nice looking army to play. By incrementally building the force, there is time to paint and assemble as you progress. At no point will there be an evaluation about how well the models are painted. In general, a very simple standard will be held. Bare plastic and metal should be covered. There should be a minimum of three distinct colors (including shading and highlighting) visible on the model for it to meet the qualification and earn the point for being painted. The bases should be a color other than the black plastic, and for uniformity the same style of base cover should be consistent throughout the force.


The games will be played according to the most current rules, in this case the 7th edition of Warhammer 40,000. Players should have all of the relevant rules pertaining to their force (Codex – either electronic or printed, base rulebook), six-sided and scatter dice, and templates. When playing at Board Knight, the house copy of the base rules and templates may be used, but each player is encouraged to obtain their own. Two copies (printed or hand-written) of the army list used each week should be available – one for you and one for your opponent. There will be a series of officers designated to arbitrate any rules questions that come up. The underlying principle behind rules disputes is to reach a conclusion quickly and move on, then to research later for the “official” ruling. Players are asked to adhere to the arbitrator’s decision at the time, in the interest of facilitating play.

Games are reported by victory point tally. In any event, wiping your opponent completely out (much more likely in earlier rounds) will end the game, victory points are still necessary. And, yes, it is possible to “win” even if you are completely decimated (albeit highly unlikely).


Every game, the scenario will be randomly-generated and potentially different for each match. Regulation 4’ x 6’ boards will be used. Amount of terrain will be determined each game by a D6. Then players will continue with normal placement rules.


Weekly Fee: $5

A League Pool will be generated from the weekly entry fees and distributed out to league participants based on performance, sportsmanship, most improvement, attendance, style points, and however else we see merit.

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