Ultra Knight: Winter Season Final Standings

We had a great time with our first Ultra Knight season. There were lots of ups and downs and twists, but we worked through some of the overpowered abilities to finish out the league on a good note. There were 4 players that stuck it out the last few weeks to try out new rules and concepts; Andy Rauff, Brandon Creamer, Grits, and Patrick Keane – thanks guys!




1st & 2nd: Andy Rauff & Brandon Creamer (45 pts): $50 ea.

3rd: Grits Gardner (36 pts): $35

4th: Patrick Keane (33 pts)$25

5th: Michael Jordan (18 pts): $5

6th: Crystal Pratt (18 pts): $5

7h: Skyler Pratt (15 pts): $5

8th: John Raney (12 pts): $5

9th: Krystle Callarman (12 pts)

10th: Cody Rueff (12 pts): $5

11th: Alex Fandel (12 pts)

12th: Andrew Watts (12 pts)

13th: Kevin Callarman (9 pts)

14th: Aaron Malone (9 pts)

15th: Jared Morris (9 pts)

16th: Evan Kershner (6 pts)

17th: Dan Ham (3 pts)

18th: Erik Inman (3 pts)

19th: Bob Jonquet (3 pts)

20th: Brea Morris (3 pts)

21st: David Grom (0 pts)

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