Warhammer 40K League: A New Base of Operations; Week 1

A NEW BASE OF OPERATIONS (week one in a four-week narrative campaign)

In the far Eastern reaches of the galaxy there exists a small planetoid called Plaxus. Once a large moon circling a long destroyed planet, it is nothing more than a rock in space…or at least that is what was thought. The moon, turned independent planet, has been largely ignored for millennia, but a recent deep space probe indicates it might be suitable as an outpost for the Imperium. A small contingent of researchers were dispatched to investigate, but communication was lost and they were never heard from again. The Imperium, fearing it could be a forward observation post possibly for a new invasion by Tyranids, the forces of Chaos, etc. have decided to dispatch an expeditionary force to investigate. Unfortunately, their activities have not remained secret. Other, rival factions, have taken note of the Imperium’s interest in this planet and are investigating it as well. None know what to expect on this barren planet. Could it be a tomb planet of the Necrons? Are Tyranids using it as a staging area for a new invasion? Has a new Chaos threat emerged from the Warp? Would the Eldar care about such an insignificant hunk of rock? Perhaps the Tau Empire needs a new outpost? Who or whatever might be there, one thing is known. Sensors indicate there is an energy signature emanating from ruins of what might have once been a small city.

Week 1 “The Skirmish”

Your small, expeditionary force lands on the planet of Praxus just outside the ruins. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to you, another army has arrived to investigate as well. You encounter each other on the outskirts of the ruins…


Chose a Battle-Forged army at 1000 points. Standard Force Organization Charts, Detachments, and Formations must be followed. No Fortifications or Lords of War.


This narrative will make use of a standard 4×6 battlefield using both natural and ruin terrain. No terrain should be placed within a starting zone and must be at least 4” from another terrain piece.


Four objective markers will be placed using standard methods. No objective marker can be placed within a starting zone and must be at least 12” from another marker. Players will generate three Tactical Objectives at the start of the game.


Use Vanguard Strike deployment. This game will have restricted deployment. During initial deployment, each player may only deploy units/models with the scout, infiltrator or similar special rules (any special rules that specifically reference initial deployment or first turn deployment outside of the normal deployment rules). All other units must remain in reserves. At the start of turn two, Flying units/models, Fast Attack units/models, any unit deployed in its dedicated transport, and any units/models with the Deep Strike special rule may enter play. At the start of round three, all remaining units may enter play. Reserve rolls are made normally for all entering units/models.


The player that deployed first can choose to take the first or second turn in round one. If they decide to take the first turn, their opponent can attempt to Seize the Initiative.


This mission uses Variable Game Length.


At the end of the game, the player who scored the most Victory Points is the winner. If both players have the same number of victory points, the game is a draw.


Achieve as many Tactical Objectives as possible. If at the start of your turn, you have fewer than three active Tactical Objectives, generate new Tactical Objectives until you have three. A player may choose, at the end of any turn, to discard one unwanted Tactical Objective.


Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker


Mysterious Objectives, Reserves, Tactical Objectives


To simulate the ongoing effects of previous encounters as this narrative progresses, the following apply.

  • If you won the previous match, you may deploy up to 2” beyond your standard Deployment Zone.
    This simulates your Warlord pressing the advantage against his enemy. In earnest, he has deployed the army beyond normal protocols to try and catch his enemy off guard and finish them quickly.
  • If you lost the previous match, you will receive a +1 to either your roll to determine which player deploys first, or to your Seize the Initiative roll (your choice). This bonus must be declared prior to rolling any dice.
    This bonus simulates your Warlord’s desperation to counter the enemy’s previous success and push them back.
  • If your warlord survives AND you win the match, your warlord* will receive a +1 to either their Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill for the next match. This bonus is not conferred to other units/models even if special rules for the warlord normally permit them to use his Ballistic/Weapon Skill. Also, the bonus is not cumulative and onlyapplies to the following match. However, this bonus can be extended with additional victories.
    This bonus simulates your Warlord’s improved battle skill through experience and victory.
    * This narrative assumes you will play future matches with the same warlord. You are certainly permitted to change warlords/army lists, but you forfeit the bonuses accrued if you do so.
  • If your warlord is slain, it will return with one fewer wound in the following match**. However, the Warlord as well as all unit Sergeants will receive a +1 bonus to their Leadership stat. These bonus/penalties are not cumulative and only apply to the following match. However, they can be extended with additional loses.
    This simulates your Warlord’s injuries have not completely healed after the previous match, but his desperate resolve is an inspiration to his troops and they rally to him in stern determination.
    ** while changing warlords is certainly allowed, you cannot avoid this battle experience affect, by doing so. Regardless of which warlord you bring to the next game, it will be affected by these adjustments.

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