Warhammer 40K League: A New Base of Operations; Week 4

A NEW BASE OF OPERATIONS (week four in a eight-week narrative campaign)

Week 4 “Data Recovery”

After examined the wrecked vehicle, your science officer found a collection of digital data disks. A quick review indicates a rogue trader is using Plaxus as a base of operations to salvage the local system. However, before he could return to the unit, the science officer was killed by enemy forces. The contents of the data disks are essential intelligence and must be recovered for further research. Retrieve them at all costs. Killing more of the enemy is not a mission priority…just a bonus.


Chose a Battle-Forged army at 1250 points. Standard Force Organization Charts, Detachments, and Formations must be followed. No Fortifications or Lords of War.


This narrative will make use of a standard 4×6 battlefield using d6+2 pieces of terrain. Terrain must be placed at least 5” from another terrain piece and a mix of ruins and natural terrain pieces is recommended. Place a burning, wrecked vehicle at the center of the battlefield.


Place a single objective marker at the center of the table with the wrecked vehicle.


Use Hammer and Anvil deployment. Players must deploy using the Standard Deployment Method.


The player that deployed first can choose to take the first or second turn in round one. If they decide to take the first turn, their opponent can attempt to Seize the Initiative.


This mission uses Variable Game Length.


At the end of the game, the player who scored the most Victory Points is the winner. If both players have the same number of victory points, the game is a draw.


At the end of the game, the Objective Marker is worth three (3) Victory Points to the player that controls it.


Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker



Due to the burning wreck, there is a chance that its various fuel tanks or weapon systems might explode. At the end of a player’s turn if any models are within 2” of the wreck, roll d6. On a 5+, an explosion occurs (use large blast) and all models in the blast suffer a Strength 4 AP – hit.

The Data Disks — the objective marker represents the data disks. The following rules cover seizing, moving, and dropping the disks.

Seizing the Data Disks: A non-vehicle in a scoring unit can seize the data disks by moving into base contact of the wreck during the movement phase – that model then automatically picks them up at the end of the phase. From that point, the data disks remain with the model until they are dropped, which can happen voluntarily, but happens automatically if the model is slain.

Moving with the Data Disks: The disks are unusually fragile having been exposed to the extreme temperatures of the burning wreck and the secure carry-case was destroyed when the science officer was slain. Rough handling would likely damage the disks making data extraction difficult or even impossible. So the model carrying the disks cannot Run and cannot move more than 6” in any phase.

If forced to do so, the model will lose grip on the disks and immediately drop them. A model with the disks can embark a transport, but that vehicle cannot move more than 6” per phase as long as the data disks are on board (so do not put it on a zooming flyer as it will automatically crash).

A model carrying the disks can transfer them to any friendly non-vehicle model that is part of a scoring unit if the two models end their Movement phase in base contact. Move the objective marker to the new bearer to show who is carrying the disks. The disks can only be transferred once per Movement phase.

Dropping the Data Disks: The controlling player can choose to have his model drop the disks at any time, in which case he places the objective marker 1” away from the model. If the model falls back, the disks are dropped automatically before the model performs the Fall Back move. If the model is removed as a casualty, or is in any other way removed from the table, the disks are dropped and placed within 1” of the spot where the model last was before leaving play. Note that the disks can only be brought aboard a transport vehicle if it is carried by a model that can embark upon the transport. If the disks are dropped while the bearer is embarked within a transport, place the objective marker 1” away from a randomly determined Access Point. If the disks are dropped in impassible terrain, place the objective marker as close as possible to the point where it was dropped that is not impassible terrain.


To simulate the ongoing effects of previous encounters as this narrative progresses, the following apply.

  • If you won the previous match, you may deploy up to 2” beyond your standard Deployment Zone.
    This simulates your Warlord pressing the advantage against his enemy. In earnest, he has deployed the army beyond normal protocols to try and catch his enemy off guard and finish them quickly.
  • If you lost the previous match, you will receive a +1 to either your roll to determine which player deploys first, or to your Seize the Initiative roll (your choice). This bonus must be declared prior to rolling any dice.
    This bonus simulates your Warlord’s desperation to counter the enemy’s previous success and push them back.
  • If your warlord survives AND you win the match, your warlord* will receive a +1 to either their Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill for the next match. This bonus is not conferred to other units/models even if special rules for the warlord normally permit them to use his Ballistic/Weapon Skill. Also, the bonus is not cumulative and onlyapplies to the following match. However, this bonus can be extended with additional victories.
    This bonus simulates your Warlord’s improved battle skill through experience and victory.
    * This narrative assumes you will play future matches with the same warlord. You are certainly permitted to change warlords/army lists, but you forfeit the bonuses accrued if you do so.
  • If your warlord is slain, it will return with one fewer wound in the following match**. However, the Warlord as well as all unit Sergeants will receive a +1 bonus to their Leadership stat. These bonus/penalties are not cumulative and only apply to the following match. However, they can be extended with additional loses.
    This simulates your Warlord’s injuries have not completely healed after the previous match, but his desperate resolve is an inspiration to his troops and they rally to him in stern determination.
    ** while changing warlords is certainly allowed, you cannot avoid this battle experience affect, by doing so. Regardless of which warlord you bring to the next game, it will be affected by these adjustments.

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