Ents Marching


Ents Marching

As promised, we’re back with another mono-colored Modern tribal brew. Today we’ll be looking at green. The easy choice here is to make Elves. There are tons of variations of elf decks in modern, some combo, some aggro, all pointy-eared. I love elf decks. If you ever find me playing constructed on MTGO, I’ll probably be jamming my friends from Llanowar and trying to pump out Craterhoofs (craterhooves?). We like to go deep though, so we’re skipping the elves and trying not to miss the forest for the trees. The Ents are marching friends. Today, we talk Treefolk.

Into Fangorn

Let’s talk about our goals with our Treefolk friends. What we’re trying to accomplish is to jam a bunch of */* creatures that are all reliant on the number of forests we have in play. Then we’re going to do our best to run out as many forests as possible. Then we’re going to beat down. It’ll be just like that scene in The Two Towers. It’ll be a beautiful massacre. So let’s start with our */* friends. I’ve got 3 of them and 1 even brings along a partner. First up we have one of my favorite, Dungrove Elder. Throwing hexproof on this monster at a cmc of 3 is super strong. There will be matches we drop the elder on turn 3 as a 4/4 hexproof. That’s pretty strong rate, and we’re going to keep growing him as the game goes on. Next up is Dauntless Dourbark. He’s not as strong as Dungrove Elder, at 4 cmc and without hexproof. But he does have trample if we have another Treefolk. This ability will help in getting through pesky blockers. Finally we have Kalonian Twingrove. He’s a little expensive as a 6-drop, but he brings along a twin. This means this guy usually will bring along 12 or more power for 6 mana.

What if I told you for 1 mana you could search your library for any creature in your deck, OR get any land in your deck and put it on top of your library, is that something you might be interested in? If so, may I introduce you to Treefolk Harbinger, a 1 mana 0/3 that does tutors up our next draw, be it forest or treefolk. The harbinger serves two purposes. Not only does he act as a tutor, but he’s very strong at slowing down early aggression.

Growing Sherwood Forest

We have our creature base and now we need to ramp out as many forests to pump up our beaters as possible. We’ll employ a hand full of ramp spells to accomplish this. First up is Khalni Heart Expedition. This is a simple way to add a couple forests to our board for doing what we would do anyways. The rest of the ramp we use will help add the counters we need faster. For our other ramp spells, we’ll use 4 Rampant Growth, 2 Explosive Vegetation, and 2 Explore. With the extra mana we’re putting into play we’ll also add 4 Genesis Wave. One of the nice things about Genesis Wave is that we can put any lands we reveal onto the battlefield. Casting this for 4 or 5 could potentially be a huge boost to our creatures.

Keeper of the Woods

So I have one last card I want to add to the deck and he’ll help with both ramping out big Genesis Waves and finishing the game by his ultimate. Still wondering who could do all that and likes to hang out in the woods? It’s our old friend 4. Garruk may call beasts, but we’re going to turn him into a tree herder. Garruk is perfect for getting a couple of big Treefolk through pesky blockers. Garruk, Primal Hunter would also be powerful at drawing us a ton of cards, and I considered him, but I think the Lorwyn version is stronger for this deck, and I want 3 of him. Throw in 25 forests for our super complicated man base, and we have ourselves a deck that would make Treebeard proud. Here’s what our final list looks like.


4x Treefolk Harbinger

4x Dauntless Dourbark  

4x Dungrove Elder

4x Kalonian Twingrove


4x Rampant Growth

4x Khalni Heart Expedition

2x Explosive Vegetation

2x Explore

4x Genesis Wave


25 Forests


3x Garruk Wildspeaker

There you have it green mages. Go forth and drop trees on your opponents’ heads. If you have trouble coming up with the Genesis Waves, I’d suggest finishing off the playsets of Explore and Explosive Vegetation. Garruk Wildspeaker tends to be slightly more expensive than Garruk, Primal Hunter if you want to make that switch as well. If you want to drop the ‘walkers all together, I’d throw in Battlewand Oak, as he can really take advantage of the forest synergy. That’s all I have for today. Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks for checking out another deck. Next time we’ll explore red and my favorite tribe of all!

About Chris Lawton

Chris was born and raised in Decatur and began playing Magic during Mirage block. He enjoys constructed magic and drafting online whenever he has time. Lightning Bolt and Baneslayer Angel are his favorite cards.

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