Warhammer 40K League: A New Base of Operations; Week 5

A NEW BASE OF OPERATIONS (week five in a nine-week narrative campaign)

Week 5 “Supplies”

Information recovered from the data disks indicate a small band of pirates led by an ex-rogue trader are using the ruined city as a home-base of sorts for their salvage operations within this star system. Apparently there is a mostly intact building at the center of the ruined city that contains a functional power source. The power core’s shielding is damaged and periodically launches a radiation spike into the atmosphere. It is these emanations that sensors have been detecting. Unconcerned with mundane issues like pirates, home-world has not changed the intent to establish an outpost here. It appears you now have two hostile forces to contend with. To make matters worse, you are running low on provisions and the resupply ship is still some weeks out. Fortunately, your scout team has discovered an unguarded cache of supplies hidden by the pirates in some ruined buildings in the southern sector of the ruined city. You have no choice but to try and recover them to supplement your own dwindling


Chose a Battle-Forged army at 1500 points. Standard Force Organization Charts, Detachments, and Formations must be followed. No Fortifications or Lords of War.


This narrative will make use of a standard 4×6 battlefield using d6+2 pieces of terrain. Terrain must be placed at least 5” from another terrain piece. Primarily urban ruin terrain pieces are recommended.


Six objective markers will be placed using standard methods. Players will generate three Tactical Objective at the start of the game.


Use Dawn of War deployment. Players must deploy using the Standard Deployment Method.


The player that deployed first can choose to take the first or second turn in round one. If they decide to take the first turn, their opponent can attempt to Seize the Initiative.


This mission uses Variable Game Length.


At the end of the game, the player who scored the most Victory Points is the winner. If both players have the same number of victory points, the game is a draw.


Achieve as many Tactical Objectives as possible. If at the start of your turn, you have fewer than three active Tactical Objectives, generate new Tactical Objectives until you have three. A player may choose, at the end of any turn, to discard one unwanted Tactical


Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker

Additionally, a player scores a victory point for each enemy ‘unit’ destroyed. For this purpose, a ‘unit’ consists of two or more models that start the game in unit cohesiveness.


Mysterious Objectives, Night Fighting (optional), Reserves, Tactical Objectives

Supplies: In this mission, neither player can chose to voluntarily discard any Active Tactical Objective titled “Secure Objective [X]” where X is a number between one and six. These Tactical Objectives can only be discarded when they are achieved.

Steal Those Supplies: In this mission, all Active Objectives titled “Secure Objective [X]”, where ‘X’ is a number between one and six can be achieved by either player. A player must discard his Tactical Objective when it is achieved, regardless of whether he or his opponent scored (achieved) it. Note that only your Tactical Objectives titled “Secure Objective [X]” can be achieved by your opponent, other Tactical Objectives cannot.


To simulate the ongoing effects of previous encounters as this narrative progresses, the following apply.

  • If you won the previous match, you may deploy up to 2” beyond your standard Deployment Zone.
    This simulates your Warlord pressing the advantage against his enemy. In earnest, he has deployed the army beyond normal protocols to try and catch his enemy off guard and finish them quickly.
  • If you lost the previous match, you will receive a +1 to either your roll to determine which player deploys first, or to your Seize the Initiative roll (your choice). This bonus must be declared prior to rolling any dice.
    This bonus simulates your Warlord’s desperation to counter the enemy’s previous success and push them back.
  • If your warlord survives AND you win the match, your warlord* will receive a +1 to either their Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill for the next match. This bonus is not conferred to other units/models even if special rules for the warlord normally permit them to use his Ballistic/Weapon Skill. Also, the bonus is not cumulative and onlyapplies to the following match. However, this bonus can be extended with additional victories.
    This bonus simulates your Warlord’s improved battle skill through experience and victory.
    * This narrative assumes you will play future matches with the same warlord. You are certainly permitted to change warlords/army lists, but you forfeit the bonuses accrued if you do so.
  • If your warlord is slain, it will return with one fewer wound in the following match**. However, the Warlord as well as all unit Sergeants will receive a +1 bonus to their Leadership stat. These bonus/penalties are not cumulative and only apply to the following match. However, they can be extended with additional loses.
    This simulates your Warlord’s injuries have not completely healed after the previous match, but his desperate resolve is an inspiration to his troops and they rally to him in stern determination.
    ** while changing warlords is certainly allowed, you cannot avoid this battle experience affect, by doing so. Regardless of which warlord you bring to the next game, it will be affected by these adjustments.

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