Khans of Tarkir: Prerelease Weekend

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Miniature Mondays @ BK

We’ve spent several weeks building, crafting, and painting our armies! Escalation leagues, micro-tournaments, and large point battles have hit the tables. For more information about our league play, please join our Facebook group: The Knights of the Board!

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Magic 2015: Prerelease Weekend!

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Magic the Gathering @ Board Knight

For local MTG, join Decatur MTG:

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Board Knight Renovations @ 228 W. Main St. in Decatur

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Cards Against Humanity Tournaments

A collection of photos from each of our Cards Against Humanity Tournaments! We hope to host this event once each month.

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Born of the Gods: Prerelease Weekend 02.1.14-02.2.14

A collection of photos from our Born of the Gods Prerelease Weekenend! We had just over 40 players for our midnight event. We had several people play in our following five events, including 11 teams for our two-headed giant tournament! Thanks to everyone for coming out!

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