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Ultra Knight: Week 6 Standings

CURRENT LEAGUE POOL $175 STORE CREDIT WINTER SEASON STANDINGS 1st: Andy Rauff (33 pts) 2nd: Grits Gardner (33 pts) 3rd: Brandon Creamer (30 pts) 4th: Patrick Keane (27 pts) 5th: Michael Jordan (18 pts) 6th: Crystal Pratt (18 pts) 7h: Skyler Pratt (15 pts) 8th: John Raney (12 pts) 9th: Alex Fandel (12 […]


Ultra Knight: Week 4 Standings

Our Ultra Knight league is off to a great start with over 20 players entered! This week, we introduced the “Market” and allowed players to purchase packs of lands, bulk rares, and creatures to add to their still very horrible, five […]