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EDH Winter League: Week 5 Standings Update

EDH League: Winter Season Current League Pool $120 in Store Credit WEEK 5  STANDINGS 1st: Andy Rauf (24 pts) 2nd: Kris Keefer (21 pts) 3rd: Nathan Jameson (20 pts) 4th: Andrew Watts (16 pts) 5th: Bob Kreitler (15 pts) 6th: Alex Fandel (10 pts) 7h: Alex […]


Elder Dragon Highlander League

Playing in an EDH League at Board Knight… should be fun! Each Wednesday night (during season), we will host league play at 6pm. In an effort to make competitive Commander more fair and more fun for everyone, we’ve adopted the […]


EDH Fall League: Week 11 Update

Fall league ends on Wednesday, December 17th and it’s going to be nail-biter! 4 players are practically tied for second place! With the league pool at $225, we’ve got tons of credit to give out to most of our league […]


EDH Fall League: Week 6 Update

CURRENT LEAGUE POOL $125 IN STORE CREDIT CURRENT SEASON STANDINGS 1st: Jeremy Banks (28 pts) 2nd: Andy Rauff (12 pts) 3rd: Jared Morris (12 pts) 4th: Dillon Sago  (11 pts) 5th: Kris Keefer  (10 pts) 6th: Brian Newkand (10 pts) 7th: Andrew Watts (10 pts) 8h: Dylan Price (6 […]


EDH Fall League: Rules & Standings

EDH Fall League has started! This season, we have introduced more rules from the Armada Point System. So far, so good! CURRENT LEAGUE POOL $51 IN STORE CREDIT CURRENT SEASON STANDINGS 1st: Jeremy Banks (9 pts) 2nd: Brian Newland (5 pts) 3rd: Jared Morris (5 pts) 4th: […]


2014 EDH Summer Season: Week Five Update

We’re five weeks into our Elder-Dragon Highlander League at Board Knight in Decatur!  Our Spring Season Champion, Jeremy Banks, has dropped into second place behind John Raney. Each week, both players are racking up huge point totals and we’re not sure what […]