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Ultra Knight: Winter Season Final Standings

We had a great time with our first Ultra Knight season. There were lots of ups and downs and twists, but we worked through some of the overpowered abilities to finish out the league on a good note. There were […]


40K EL Summer Season: Standings Update & 1,000 Point Schedule

Week 4 is complete and our next league bump is to 1,000 points. Josh is currently undefeated with his gauss-shoot’n Necrons, but has not received full style points. Though 3-1, Marcus has made sure his army is fully based, painted, […]


2014 EDH Summer Season: Week 7 Update

Jeremy Banks pulled off another huge week to take the lead away from John. Brandon Creamer infinite-combo’d to win his pod, and I didn’t do anything cool! August 13th is the last night for Summer league, so there is still […]


Review: Munchkin

I’ve been roleplaying for 32 years – twice the length of the entire lifespan of many of the people who have beaten me in Magic: The Gathering.  I’ve played in campaigns and delved into dungeons with my friends more times […]


MrMario2011 does Board Knight on YouTube

YouTube Channel Dude, MrMario2011 (https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMario2011/), dropped by our shop to show his audience a little overview about our shop and the shop things that we do! Usually focused on video game reviews, Danny has been actively producing content on YouTube […]


Board Knight Turns One

Knights! Today is our 1 Year Anniversary! It has been an insane adventure to get to this point and we are ecstatic to still be in business after so many challenging moments. We appreciate everyone that has stopped by the shop […]


Herald & Review – February 2014

An exciting article about our move to Decatur from our location in Warrensburg! http://herald-review.com/news/local/board-knight-gaming-makes-move-to-west-main/article_422d28ed-18f8-549b-8bbc-94172fd09e2b.html