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40K EL Summer Season: Standings Update & 1,000 Point Schedule

Week 4 is complete and our next league bump is to 1,000 points. Josh is currently undefeated with his gauss-shoot’n Necrons, but has not received full style points. Though 3-1, Marcus has made sure his army is fully based, painted, […]


40K Summer Escalation League: Week 2 Update

Sorry for the delay, 40K’ers!! Here are the standings, based on match results & style points. CURRENT STANDINGS: Noah Tipton (14pts) Marcus Glowczak (13pts ) Josh Chestnut (12pts) William Hart (12pts) Andrew Burchard (12pts) Paul Vinton (11pts) Grits Gardner (10pts) […]


Warhammer 40K: Escalation League Season One

Board Knight Warhammer 40,000 Escalation League Season One Rules Packet The goal of an escalation league is to gather new players, train up existing players, and have fun while building up tournament-level armies. Events will occur weekly, with an ascending […]