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Super BK Attack Team

Fee: $10Prize Support: Store Credit List Guidelines: The entire list must be drawn from units in a single codex (no allies). 400 points maximum One troop choice required with no maximum number, up to one of any other type is […]


40K EL Summer Season: Results

SUMMER SEASON WIN/LOSS STANDINGS $100 IN STORE CREDIT 1st: Josh Chestnut (6-0) 2nd: Marcus Glowczak (5-1) 3rd: Paul Vinton (4-2) 4th: William Hart (4-2) 5th: William Balvanz  (3-3) 6th: Dan Ham (3-3) 7th: Andrew Bruchard (3-3) 8h: Clint Peznowski (3-3) 9th: Michael Gardner (3-3) 10th: Bob Jonquest (3-3) 11th: Noah Tipton (2-4) […]


Warhammer 40K: Escalation League Season One

Board Knight Warhammer 40,000 Escalation League Season One Rules Packet The goal of an escalation league is to gather new players, train up existing players, and have fun while building up tournament-level armies. Events will occur weekly, with an ascending […]